Kettle® Brand

Celebrating Potato Perfection Since 1982

It all began with a vision and a van - a vision to fuse the natural with the savory, to create a great tasting, wholesome product everyone would fall in love with. And, a beat-up van that would become the very first Kettle Foods delivery truck.

It seems like only yesterday that we crunched our first golden chip. We had already been making roasted nuts and other natural goodies for a few years when, on that fateful day in 1982, we perfected the very first bags of Kettle Brand® potato chips. We probably should have kept them around to put in a display case someday, but they were just too darned good.  Needless to say, an obsession was born. From that very first day, though, a single philosophy has guided us. Use only the freshest, all-natural ingredients to create intensely flavored, wonderfully craveable potato chips you can feel good about eating.

Over the years, we’ve carefully added new flavors, and even expanded our line to include the Krinkle Cut™ variety, Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips and Kettle Brand® Baked Potato Chips, creating entire new categories for our fans to love.

Today, as we look back on those humble beginnings, we’re sincerely grateful to all the loyal fans that have made Kettle Brand® potato chips a part of their snacking life. And, on behalf of the over 700 employees around the world that help get our products off to market, we say “Thank you.”  Here’s to the chip!