Castle Rock Farms

Woah! The spuds in that bag are so fresh, we haven’t even had a chance to put words to paper (or website) about the folks at Castle Rock Farms. In the meantime, we’d like to share a little about Boardman, Oregon, where Castle Rock is based.

Boardman is just a couple of hours drive from where our potatoes are turned into tasty chips. It’s a wildlife lover’s dream. With 72 miles of the Columbia River stretching from the John Day Dam, there are endless fishing opportunities for world-class Walleye and Bass. Boardman is also home to the Umatilla Wildlife Refuge, making it a prime place for bird watchers, and boasts three public parks and a skate park. The perfect growing grounds for our potatoes!

Location: Boardman, OR

Kettle Brand potatoes are grown across the country – some as close as an hour drive from our Salem, Oregon, headquarters. Learn more about our other farmers here.